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Introduction of FGI Expo-2010

It is with great pleasure; we inform you that as a precursor to the Vibrant Gujarat 2011 Business Summit, the FGI is organizing an MSME Centric Exhibition totally dedicated to bring about a synergy between large industries and MSMEs for vendor development. The programme schedule is as follows:

Exhibition 2nd- 4th December 2010
Inauguration Ceremony 2nd December 2010, 10a.m.
Concurrent Seminars 2nd – 4th December 2010
B2B Meetings 2nd – 4th December 2010
Venue FGI Business Centre, Sevasi, Vadodara

The thrust of the Exhibition will be on showcasing component requirements of large companies which they normally outsource from outside the state and the MSME talent within the State who are capable of meeting these requirements.

We expect to have a host of large companies like ABB Ltd, Areva T & D India Ltd, Bombardier Transportation India Ltd, Defense Sector, Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd, GAIL, General Motors, GUVNL, GSFC, IOCL, Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd., ONGC, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, Indian Railways, Reliance Industries Ltd., TATA Motors, Thermax Ltd. as Sponsors / Participants.

If your organization is interested in participating, we invite you to Sponsor / Participate in this event “FGI EXPO – 2010”.

Concept Paper


Consequent to a detailed discussion with Shri M. Sahu, IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries and Mines, Shri B.B. Swain, IAS, Industries Commissioner, Shri S.A. Dula, Advisor (International Business), iNDEXTb and Shri H.C. Desai, (Inv. Promotion), iNDEXTb regarding organizing an MSME Centric Exhibition at FGI Business Centre, Vadodara, having major manufacturing companies at the nucleus and relevant ancillary MSME units around them, a detailed concept paper is placed hereunder.


To organize a MSME Centric Exhibition in order to facilitate a marriage between the major manufacturing industries who are outsourcing components from vendors elsewhere with MSMEs from Vadodara and adjoining districts who have the capabilities to supply these components.

Exhibition Details :
  1. The Exhibition will form part of the Vibrant Gujarat celebrations and FGI will seek the permission of Government of Gujarat to use the Vibrant Gujarat logo.
  2. The exhibition will be titled “FGI EXPO – 2010”.
  3. The venue for the Exhibition will be FGI Business Centre at Sevasi, Vadodara.
  4. The exhibition will be held in the first week of December 2010 as a precursor to the Vibrant Gujarat exhibition in January 2011.
  5. The duration of the exhibition will be for a period of three days.
  6. Ten major manufacturing industries will be identified to participate in the exhibition and will be at the nucleus of different sectors in the exhibition. Some of the likely participants are ABB Ltd., Areva T & D India Ltd., Bombardier, Defense Sector, Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd, GAIL, General Motors, GUVNL, GSPCL, IOCL, Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd., ONGC, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, Indian Railways, Reliance Industries Ltd., TATA Motors, Thermax Ltd. These industries will showcase their requirement of components outsourced by them from various vendors by displaying these in their respective stalls.
  7. About 100 MSMEs from Vadodara and Districts around Vadodara are expected to form the core MSME sector who will be showcasing their capabilities to meet the components requirement of the major industries.
  8. A stall by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. showcasing the tourism potential of Gujarat.
  9. Participation will be sought from Banks and Financial Institutions who would be showcasing them various products exclusive for the MSME sector.
  10. For the benefit of prospective MSME vendors, it is planned to being out with an exclusive catalogue showcasing the requirement of components of all the large exhibitors, containing photographs and brief basic details of all the components required by them.
  11. Exhibitors Directory.
Additional Highlights
  1. Concurrent Seminars and Interactive Conferences will be going on throughout the business hours.
  2. There will be extensive B2B interactions between the participating majors and the MSMEs to match their respective requirements and arrive at an ideal tie-up.
  3. At least five to six high quality specialist speakers will be invited, out of them at least two speakers representing companies abroad, to hold lectures on subjects relevant to the theme of the exhibition.
  4. The exhibition will also be open to the public for a specified period when the participants will be showcasing their components in their respective stalls and will brief the visitors about their products.
  5. An attractive Food Court will form part of the exhibition. One of the stalls will serve local specialty of this area.
  6. Throughout the exhibition Artisans and Artists from rural parts of Gujarat, especially from Baroda and adjoining districts, will be continuously involved in showcasing their great culture, art and heritage that may be on the way of becoming extinct.
  7. Liaison with the State authorities for running additional bus services to the Exhibition venue for the convenience of visitors.
Invitation to Dignitaries :
  1. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat will be requested to grace the opening ceremony of the exhibition as the Chief Guest.
  2. Shri Saurabhbhai Patel, Minister of State for Industries, Finance and Planning will be invited as the Guest of Honor.
  3. Shri M. Sahu, Principal Secretary, Industries and Mines will be requested to be the chairman of the Exhibition Committee.
  4. Shri B.B. Swain, Industries Commissioner, Gujarat will be requested to be the Nodal Officer and single point contact for the project.
  5. Secretary, MSME at the Centre will be invited to represent the Central Government.
Assistance From Government Of Gujarat

This project is conceived as a part of the overall Vibrant Gujarat celebrations and as such Government of Gujarat is requested to give full support to the event without having any financial implications. However, wherever possible all help may be rendered in respect of any public sector participation and any financial assistance to the project under any other schemes of the Government.


The final budget for the programme will be prepared after confirmation of the number of major participants. In order to have adequate MSME participation attempts will be made to seek grants from under various State and Central Government schemes for MSMEs.

Vendor Development
(Machinery, Parts & Components)
1 Automation & Robotics
2 Automotive Industries
3 CAD / CAM Software Engineering
4 Dies & Moulds
5 Electricals / Electrical Contractors & Electronics
6 Environmental Engineering
7 Fabrication & Machining
8 Forgings
9 Foundry Products & Casting Engineering
10 Gears, Motors & Pumps
11 Instrumentation
12 Laser Cutting & Cutting Tools
13 Material Handling
14 Packaging Machinery
15 Piping Services – Oil, Compressed Air
16 Plastic  Molded Components
17 Pressure Gauges
18 Sheet Metal Working

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